Your one stop engineering centre for project development, project management and project supervision for high tech steel processing systems.

Owner's Engineer

With our expert steel division we are able to advise, engineer and manage almost the entire value chain processes from iron, steel making, casting processes, rolling processes for long and flat product (HRC & CRC), profile manufacturing and pipe rolling processes and forging processes.

Your Partner for most Processes

Continuous Casting
Hot Rolling
Cold Rolling
Strip Processing
Long Products
Pressing & Forging
Induction & Electro Heating
Metals Logistic Systems
Melewar Industrial Group being one of the largest downstream steel manufacturer in Malaysia, we have hands on experience for the said processes and know what “works” for you.
This business focuses on providing its Clients with assistance that is required to enable to undertake new or expansion projects. The unit adopts a professional approach to the provision of conceptual and detailed design, technical services, procurement, financial planning, project management, contract management, construction management, installation and commissioning of plant and equipment utilised in the processing of steel. The unit can act for the Client as the Employer’s Representative in all dealings, including Contract negotiations, with the equipment or plant supplier being appointed to supply turnkey services to the Client.
Our experienced Project Managers and personnel have the competence to monitor, control and expedite the completion of the project on a continuous basis or in phases so as to enable the Client to efficiently schedule the construction and erection of their project. A major task and objective of our undertaking the total services offered is to complete projects on time and within the established budget. The project managers use the latest technology to handle the project from start to finish providing monthly project reports outlining the progress in terms of time and money against that projected and accepted at the outset of the project and identifying any projected delays or potential overruns in a timely manner so that the Client can minimize their impact on his business.
The assistance can be for small extensions or upgrades / refurbishment of machinery or include turnkey new installations.
We tailor our services to meet the requirements of the Client by providing those skills and activities that the Client does not have available within his own resources to best suit the requirements of the project.
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