MIE has gained in-depth expertise and engineering capabilities for projects in Malaysia through intensive research, engineering partners' engagement, systems development and detailed solution planning.

50% of such public transport solution based monorail or light transit rail solutions economically fail. Projects are overburdened with auxiliary cost, land acquisition cost or simply overdesigned.

As 70% of all cost are actually n the track and stations and not determined by the chosen train solution it is clear that the overall concept and track design is of utmost importance.

MIE and it’s partners therefore has conceived and developed an Ultra Light Loop Monorail System “HI-TRACK© “, that is superior in terms of ridership coverage, development cost per kilometre, implementation speed and visual integration in congested city areas for which it is designed. Ultra Light Loop Monorail system.

The base system has been purpose designed in conjunction with leading international monorail suppliers to suit the requirements of Malaysian inner cities, with their mix of architectural styles ranging from heritage to modern, varying population densities and low - medium volume ridership requirements.

For us to offer a solution, the real requirement must be clearly understood. In association with our international design and modelling consultants and domestic demographic planners, we undertake all aspects of the development planning, from initial demographic studies, feasibility development, coordination studies, routing, ridership and engineering through to the presentation of the development financial modelling.

From this we advise our Clients on practical long term solutions that cover both the development phase and the operational phase of the selected scheme.

MIE, through the strength of its parent company, the Melewar Industrial Group, is able to offer full design, procurement, construction, project management and through life O & M services for its Clients for the utilisation of any train system that the client may require or prefer.
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The objectives are:
The system must cater for all and take into account realistic ridership potential;
Primary focus is to move people within the city or city centre;
Secondary focus is to move people tor and from the immediate outskirts of the city or city centre.
Success Factors are:
Large: The system implemented must be large enough in the first phase so as to provide attractive commuting solutions. If phase 1 is to small it will fail and there will never be a second stage.
Fast: The system implemented must at all times be the fastest mode of transport for any commuter.
Affordable: The system must provide the cheapest mode of transport and pricing must be in line with the income range of the target group at the respective location, which in some developments could mean that the ticket price can only recover the O&M expense, but not the initial investment.
Exemplary layout of interlinked loops for larger George Town, Penang, Malaysia for increased coverage.