MIE is a leading provider of material handling solutions for the steel industry, cement industry, power generation industry and bulk handling solutions for ports in Malaysia and South east Asia.
Our expert engineers have all more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise and resources to address your material handling needs from small conveyors to turnkey plant solutions for coal fired power stations, cement plants and ports.
MIE is able to offer the complete and entire range of material handling equipment:
Trough conveyor systems;
Overland conveyors;
Pipe Conveyors;
Stacker & Stacker Reclaimer;
Bridge & Portal Type Reclaimer.
Ship Loader;
Ship Unloader, Grab Type or CSU;
Crushing and processing plants;
Grinding plants;
Circular Stockpile;
Integrated Storage Systems;
Homogenizing & Blending Systems;
Weighing stations;
Trough Conveyors
Courtesy of Bulk Terminal, Lumut Malaysia
Grab type ship unloader
We can:
Act for you as the lead consultant, engineer or as the turnkey supplier;
Carry out basic studies or a complete bankable feasibility study for your project in Malaysia and South East Asia;
Manage your project from first engineering to commissioning and hand over;
Give expert advise for your choice of equipment, blending methods, overall logistic concept; shipping concept and berth occupancy assessment;
Design and supply balance of plant, carry out local fabrication and erection;
Review, assess and re-engineer you plant and material handling systems;
Undertake your complete operation on third party outsourcing basis or as technical support;
Undertake your complete maintenance and repair needs on third party outsourcing basis or as technical support;
Supply local and international spare parts;
Manufacture special parts and tools.


We are the technology and market leader in this advanced enclosed conveying technology.

Pipe Conveyors

A special designed conveyor belt is formed into a tube and therewith permits fully enclosed bulk handling with full protection of the material from the environment and likewise full protection of the environment from any pollution, dust emission and otherwise.

Being able to strongly curve and incline the conveyor permits it ideally to go through existing facilities with space constraints as well as it is possible to reach any destination without the need of intermediate transfer stations.


Design Basis

Different products in different industries for different processes with different operating philosophies require individual storage and blending solutions.

If Chevron, Coneshell or Strata stacking, with portal or bridge reclaiming, we will find your optimal blending and operation solution.


Storage Yards

For determining your basic material handling, storage and blending needs, we have provided basic guidelines in terms of sizing and understanding the physical parameters in bulk handling.

Do contact us for fast sizing and recommendation based on principle calculations for your material handling needs.


Stacker Reclaimer

Combined Stacker Reclaimers are in many cases the preferred technical and cost effective choice for large through put volumes such as coal or iron ore yards.

Blending and homogenizing is limited and in many cases done by means of on belt material blending through reclamation of separate machines.

With different tripper car designs all yard conveying solution can be implemented including reversible belts, pass through or separate stacking and reclaiming yard conveyors.


MIE has in-depth experience in the design and supply of turnkey storage system solutions tailor made to your plant needs.

Let us find a solution for you.


Our design is based on the latest technology optimizing weight and strength for better quality, increased service life for the development of economically feasible and optimised technical solutions.