MIE offers the turnkey design and build specialised light composite car warehouses and car parks for the import / export, storage, delivery, service and parking of automobiles.
MIE is in a position to undertake for its clients market assessment in terms of demand and common practice in the industry, verify basic design principles so as to meet various manufactures (OEM) requirements and design in accordance with the new industry trends and materials to be used.
Our services also include the entire fit out including lighting simulation, CCTV, security systems, bird scare, paint booth, special PDI services implementation, workshop outfit, tooling, logistic software tools and software system, fire systems, insurance assessment and requirement integration. We also carry out any and all necessary approvals and permits for you so as to hand over a ready to use facility.
We would like to be your one stop solution provider.
For the three main application areas of car parks – public car park structures, very large institutional car park structures and car park structures for professional logistic management including Pre Delivery Inspection stations (PDI).

– MIE’s assessment parameters include:
Types of vehicles
Column spacing
Head clearance
Number of lanes
Width of lanes
Lighting standards
Safety features
General logistics
Vehicle alignment
Turning circles
Ramp inclination
Load factors
Surface preparation
Building materials
Surface treatment
UV protection
Development speed
Maintainability, maintenance intensity
Individual car park dimension
In terms of concept and building materials MIE design approach allows its clients to build very individual car parks so as to fit into their respective requirement and location and consequently represent an optimal solution for the intended purpose.
We are benchmarking our design by assessing the latest and most modern car park developments and comparing our concepts with the most successful ones.
London Heathrow Airport, UK
Southampton Car Terminal
Dresden Airport, Germany
Hamburg Airport, Germany
Our designs are developed in close liaison with the client with focus on:
maximum operation safety
expedient implementation
optimised space utilisation
minimum through life cost
reduced capital cost
seamingless integration in the location
Beside our technical design considerations in terms of layout, spacing and others we are viewing the architectural and aesthetical aspect to be of importance. MIE therefore offers a vast amount of different materials and systems that can be used to address those aspects, such as:
reinforced concrete
pre-cast concrete
composite steel structures
perforated metal sheeting
Car Warehouse front using perforated and coloured steel metal sheeting
Prestigious multi story car park using a mixture of modern, lightweight materials.
Open type car storage yard with fabric sails