Car Warehouse / Car Park

MIE offers turnkey design & build services for specialised light composite car warehouses & car parks for import/export, storage, delivery, service and parking.

Industrial Buildings

MIE is one of the leading industrial facility engineering companies in Malaysia. Our Industrial Buildings Unit is built and developed with core disciplines.


MIE has gained in-depth expertise and engineering capabilities for projects in Malaysia through intensive research, engineering partners' engagement, systems development and detailed solution planning.

Industrial Plants

MIE is your one-stop solution partner for your industrial size projects. Our Industrial Plants Buildings Unit comprises core discipline leaders in their respective fields of engineering and Project Management.

Mass Transport Systems

Through its involvement in Monorail and Light Rail Systems MIE’s engineering team has evolved as a potential engineering, design.

Steel Processing Business

Your one stop engineering centre for project development, project management and project supervision for high tech steel processing.

Structural Steel Fabrication

This is a business unit mainly focusing on the fabrication or the quality oriented management and supervision of steel structures.

Material Handling

MIE is a leading provider of material handling solutions for the steel industry, cement industry, power generation industry and bulk handling solutions for ports.