Our Values

We fully accept corporate social responsibility
The employee is recognised as the key asset of the company and we are determined to develop each and every employees’ individual competency continuously to the maximum of their ability
We expect unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company, being recognised in work results, timely completion, written documents, verbal behaviour, engineering results, accuracy, reliability, individual responsibility, corporate governance and integrity towards the company, fellow colleagues, share holders and our clients
Design, engineering and project management are practiced as accurate sciences based on facts only
All our work is based on the highest available internationally recognised standards, codes and industrial practice
To implement and consider highest environmental standards so as to ensure the development of sustainable industries, safe work environments and minimise health, social, life and local environment impacts of industrial facilities through optimised noise, smell, airborne pollutants, water, waste and sewerage controls.
To undertake operation & maintenance services as a true win-win relation with the owner of the asset and to maximise asset value preservation.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Objectives

Environment Management Policy

Safety Policy