Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Melewar Integrated Engineering Sdn Bhd is committed to ensure the Safety and Health of its employees, customers, partners and members of the public with the objective to achieve zero injuries for its works and services.

The management, at all levels, is to ensure legislative compliance, proactive risk management, accident prevention and the continuous improvement of our Safety and Health policy.

Construction business is inherently hazardous and our risk management efforts must be in correlation to the danger of the specific work being carried out.

Hazard is something with the potential to harm. The harm will vary in severity – some hazards may cause death, some serious illness or disability, others only cuts and bruises. Risk is therefore a function of the severity of the potential harm and the likelihood of it happening.

The project management team is to ensure proper implementation of all safety programs and that a qualified safety officer is on site at all times.
Safety & health is the highest priority and the implementation of instructions given by the safety officer is the responsibility of the project management.
Every individual is responsible for their own Safety and Health and that of others who may be effected by their work.
We shall at all times comply with applicable legislation, regulations, industry standards and codes of practice, safety operating procedures and operating procedure provided by original manufacturers of certain equipment.
We will identify, assess, control and monitor Safety and Health hazards and risks and will accurately report, record and effectively manage incidents so as to prevent reoccurrence.
The Safety and Health program individually developed for each project shall ensure and promote:
self responsibility of employees to ensure the Safety and health of the them selves and others,
active participation in safety meetings, risk assessment and inspections,
sufficient implementation of safety signs, rules, practices and regulations,
use of required personal protective clothing and equipment at all times,
proper use of tools and equipment solely for their intended purpose,
clean work area,
proper record and report of all safety hazards, incidents, near misses, illnesses, injuries and work environment issues.

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