Environmental Management Policy

Melewar Integrated Engineering Sdn Bhd is committed to conserve and protect the environment so as to minimise any adverse impact resulting from its business and services.

At Melewar Integrated Engineering Sdn Bhd everyone in their capacity is responsible to follow and implement the environmental management policy with compliance to the following principles:

we encourage our engineers client’s and partners to utilise and implement state of the art technologies and processes so as to achieve maximum environment protection,
we promote energy conservation by efficient use, careful planning and design with due consideration to improve energy utilisation,
we minimise waste during construction of our projects and their subsequent operation and ensure full compliance to all legislation and regulations in terms of waste storage, transport and responsible disposal,
we take appropriate action and preventive measures so as to ensure compliance of our work with all legal regulations and environmental acts,
we adopt design and engineering which take into account the visual effect of our projects,
we consider the socio economic impact of our business and services by giving due consideration to third party opinion, wherever possible,
we are committed to sustainability and promote clean air, clean water and low noise emission for our projects.

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