Welcome to MIE

Industrial business is a business of great consequence that requires fundamental expertise, discipline and reliability to create a winning solution.

It is therefore a people business and only a people business.

We at MIE are these people, who possess the calibre, expertise, and dedication to deliver your project.

With the combination of Asian and Eurasian culture and experience, let me assure you, we have the solution to your requirements.

Our Company Principles are more than statements, but characterise who and what we are.

At MIE, we follow through until success and we do understand what it takes to deliver a turnkey installation from the first feasibility assessment up to taking over of a plant to the comprehensive contentment of our client.

Our commitment is your insurance for success in a quality oriented, timely and competitive manner of industrial development regardless of large scale industrial facilities or a small industrial purchase.

We look forward to meet you so that we may win your trust.

Datuk Uwe Ahrens
Chief Executive Officer